February 3, 2018

In Snug I acknowledge the fleetingness of human tenderness. The installation will feature several components and will make the architecture of the sculpture garden, as well as the external circumstances, integral players in this project.

Four beds will be set in the space, each made up with baked, rock-solid salt dough bedding, a simple dough that children have played with for over 800 years. There will be drawn figures on gauze draped across each bed, adding a fleeting and vulnerable layer to the solid structure. The sheaths will feature soft figures sleeping, the setup causing it to gently move from time to time. To add to the surreal and dreamlike nature of this installation, the ground of the space will be filled in clouds of dried ice for viewers to wade through.

The intimacy brought forth in this installation is as commonplace as it is private. The viewers will act as voyeurs privy to the vulnerability of the figures in such an exposed location.

Snug will describe the fleetingness of moments within human experience, inviting visitors to return to their truest natures, namely that of beings who wish to inquire about the universal longing towards themselves and each other.

– Suzanne Levesque, 2018

Source: http://www.jimkempnerfineart.com/sculpture-garden.php